Mark and Amy Thompson

Mark and Amy reside in Englewood, Ohio and work from their home studio and wood shop. They have exhibited in art festivals across the country and have had their work shown at several galleries on the east coast. In addition, they have been honored to receive multiple awards in recognition of their work.

As mixed media artist, Mark and Amy work with stained glass and many different species of wood that incorporates several techniques all of which are self-taught. Together, they create beautiful, one of a kind, inlaid stained glass and wood sculptural art panels.

Woodworking has always been a passion for Mark and along with his engineering sensibilities he is able to balance his craft with Amy’s designs and concepts with stained glass. Amy finds inspiration for her work in the abstract nature of trees and has had a close connection to them since childhood.  

Although neither have a formal background in the arts both Mark and Amy have always held interest in several areas such as sketch, watercolor, wood working and sculpture.  Being a sketch artist and having abilities in these other areas allow Amy and Mark to create distinctive designs that distinguish their art work from any other artist.